• Custom Boat Covers


  • Awnings & Patio Covers
    Kistler Tent & Awning can help you create a whole new atmosphere in your home with our window awnings and patio covers. Our window awnings and patio covers add lasting beauty and value to your home. Our window awnings can also reduce energy costs by blocking out the sun and keeping your room 10 to 15 degrees cooler. With our retractable patio covers, you can create a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy. We are a certified dealer and installer for Durasol Awnings® which includes retractable patio covers, window awnings and roller shades. All of our awnings come in many different styles and fabric choices.
    Custom Covers
    At Kistler Tent & Awning, all of our covers are custom made.  For your boat we make storage, travel and mooring covers.  We also make bimini and sun tops including constructing the custom frame out of heavy gauge aluminum tubing that is fit to your boat. Kistler Tent started out making sheep wagon covers many years ago and we can still make an authentic cover out of canvas or make a more durable one out of vinyl or acrylic fabric. Whatever kind you would prefer!
    Industiral Tarps
    Kistler Tent & Awning specializes in custom making industrial tarps and covers.  We make oil rig tarps, oil rig enclosures, generator covers, service truck bed covers, winter fronts and screen fronts. We covered the largest land rig in the United States. We have designed a tarp that was 90' in diameter and was used as a temporary building to assemble a mammoth drag line. A custom made cover for your truck bed can help protect all those important tools and equipment you haul around.
    Hunting Equipment
    If you are headed to the great outdoors for the hunting season, come see us at Kistler Tent & Awning. We offer hunting tents that come in three different types of canvas: 12 oz. double fill canvas, 12 oz. marine duck, or 12 oz. flame retardant canvas. All of our tents are made with a double layered ridge, ridge socks, reinforced eves, reinforced corners, doubled overlapping door, vinyl sod cloth, ropes and one stove pipe ring with a flap, 12 stakes and a canvas tent bag. We can customize your tent with windows, a zippered door, an additional stove pipe ring or even a custom size.  Besides our hunting tents, we also have tepees, cowboy bedrolls, panniers and saddle bags.  We are a distributor of Kwik-Kamp internal tent frames and Riley camp stoves.
    Trailer Skirts
    Kistler Tent & Awning creates custom skirts to fit your trailer. Our trailer skirts are made out of heavy duty, 18 oz. vinyl coated nylon that is rated for 60 degrees below zero cold crack and comes in a variety of colors.  There is an additional 12' of fabric at the bottom of the skirt to make a sod flap that creates a better seal on uneven ground and provides better protection against the winds in Wyoming.  Most trailer skirts come in four sections, two for the fifth wheel and two for the rest of the trailer.  The fifth wheel sections can be used separately if needed.  Our crew will measure, make and install the trailer skirt. Most trailers are brought to our shop for this process however, for an additional charge, we can measure and install at an on site location. The customer is responsible for staking the trailer skirt down. Customers often use one-penny nails or ring shanks to securely stake their skirting, both of which can usually be found at your local hardware store.